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LED T5.8MG(S4s) Single Midget Grooved Base Lamp
  Emitting Color: Red. Green. Blue. Amber. White,



Epoxy Lens Color: Water Clear. Frosted.

Color: Red. Green. Blue. Amber. White. 

Dia. & Lenght: T5.8*16mm.

Base: S4s.

Bulb Shape: Single-Dome.

Volts: DC 6V, 12V, 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V, 60V.

Viewing Angle: 95°.

Life Time: 30000 hours.

For: Indicator, Aircraft, Toy, Auto.

Precautions in handling

1. Blue, Green, and White products are so sensitive to ESD that user's require to handle with care.

2. Customer designs are acceptable on  the Lamp's M.O.L( Max of Length) Viewing Angle and/ or Wave Length.



Bulk.......   100Pcs/Box,     25Box/ M.Carton,     5000Pcs/ Carton

Anti-Static Bag: 

Bulk.......   100Pcs/Bag,   20Bag/ Box,   4000Pcs/ M.Carton,   8000Pcs/ Carton

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