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LED Hi-Power MR16 Super Light
  Emitting Color: Warm White


Shye Hsing is the inventor of LED Hi-power MR16.
After several years of research and development, Shye Hsing leads the industry in technology and quality. With its best quality and most mature technique, Shye Hsing is now introducing to the world LED MR16 3W, 4W, 5W . 

Type: LHP-MR16-WW
Emitting Color: Warm White.
Watters: 3Watt.  4Watt. 5Watt.
View Angle:
3W - 36° , 60° , 72°. 
4W -  80°. 
5W - 45° , 72°.
Radiation Cup:
Plane & Fin Piece Radiation Cup.

Product Features:

1. Direct Replacement and No Flicker
Instead of changing the transformer and adaptor, you can simply replace the halogen light with our MR16 bulb, saving costs on materials and labor. Moreover, our MR 16 doesn’t flicker, which protects your eyes.




2. Most Standard Size
With most standard diameter and shortest lamp length, our product fits in any MR16 light fixture.

3. CRI has been achieved over 80%, adding a sense of reality to your products.

4. This Hi-Power Lamp does not produce UV rays light up. 

5. Power Saving & Low Temperatures.

6. 1/12 of power consumption, compare with Halogen lamp. 

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Down Light Track Light Spot Light

 Quality Assurance:

All products of Shye Hsing are guaranteed to be made in Taiwan, and have 24-month warranty under normal usage. Our products can be used for 2 to 4 years, during which you save a large sum of electricity and maintenance expenses.


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